From Engineering to Nushaura, a hunt behind my passion.

3 min readJun 12, 2019


“While drowning in darkness, they showed me the light, light to a better life and a brighter future.”

I did my graduation in computer science engineering and parallelly I was working with artisans from the tribal community. Being with them made me feel joyful and I decided to support them in their journey. In order to achieve this, I pursued my higher studies in development leadership from ISDM, Delhi.

With a lot of expectation and excitement, I began my studies at ISDM. I was enjoying my student life by enriching myself, meeting new people and co-creating stuff with them, loving each and every bit of it.

But unfortunately, Delhi and I just couldn’t get along because of the high pollution. As days passed by I started facing difficulties in breathing, finding fresh air was a struggle. All I could inhale was pollution. This made me become more conscious of the quality of the air I was inhaling. My health started degrading severely and I had to head back home for my treatment.

The continuous treatment made me feel exhausted. I wanted something which could instill positivity in me as well as enhance my well being. I came across some research articles highlighting the usage of natural methods which are non-toxic to inhale and purifies the air. This organic method amazed me, I felt lively and realized it was safe for humans as well as the environment.

I started experimenting further by adding different pure essential oils. As I began using it, I experienced positive results. Lighting a candle almost every day before going to bed for about 30–60 minutes enabled me to sleep peacefully. I experienced no allergic symptoms and my health was improving.

I fell in love with these candles after discovering that their performance beats the paraffin candles hands down. As the candle burns, negative ions are emitted that clean the air and, in turn, invigorate the body and reduce the indoor pollutants.

I started planting plants of different varieties. I also encouraged my artisans to do so. Together we have grown saffron which is quite rare in Rajasthan. I feel elated to see my kitchen garden loaded with flowers, fruits and veggies, most of the ingredients we add in our candles are picked fresh from the yard.

My personal experience made me start NUSHAURA, making earth-friendly candles which purifies the air. I spent days to get the right blend and consistency of the candle and taught my artisans the same. We were determined that every candle we produce must be free from hazardous chemicals and we used natural ingredients from our gardens. We wanted our candles to bring about a comforting ambiance and a better quality of life.

NUSHAURA candles made me believe in love at first sight. They are beautiful inside-out due to the love, compassion and thought of wellness for all of the artisans, which is imbibed in each of our scented candle.




Earth friendly, luxury fragranced candles to invoke mindfulness!